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Is Exterra Really the Best Termite Treatment?

Despite being around for only a decade, Exterra has become one of the most highly regarded termite protection systems in Australia, firmly standing head-to-toe with household names like Sentricon and Green.

Find out what makes Exterra unique and how it stacks up against the competition.

How Does It Work?

On the surface Exterra works just like most other baiting stations.

Each baiting station is made of a durable case that houses termite bait inside a secure compartment. When multiple units are placed outside they form a secure barrier around the premise. If installed correctly, the bait gets rid of any termites, plus the colony they came from, before they get inside.

There are two types of baiting stations to choose from: in-ground and above-ground stations.
In-ground stations are primarily installed into the ground or the concrete with a special Exterra in-concrete station. Meanwhile above-ground stations are used to get rid of termites already in the premise, placed in concealed areas with high levels of termite activity.

Once the termites have consumed the bait, they return to their respective nest and kill off the remaining colony plus the Queen.

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Advantages of Exterra:

Patented Timber Housing:

For starters, Exterra uses the worker termites’ appetite for timber against them. How so? Well, each station contains eucalypt timber interceptors, which many independent studies have found is a type of timber that termites find most irresistible. By containing this organic material, the worker termites are instantly attracted to the scent and far more likely to enter the baiting station.

In contrast, other baiting stations often use a softwood timber or cardboard casing to reduce costs.
As a result the material eventually rots away or deteriorates due to bad weather. When this happens, termites are less likely to enter the bait station, and instead go for the more palatable timber – the kind in your home or business.

Furthermore, Exterra stations are specially designed in a way that only termites can get inside through the soil. So there’s no risk of ants or other pests getting inside and deterring termites away.

REQUIEM Bait – Irresistible, Toxic-Free, and Suitable for All Climates

Just like most people cannot resist a hot gourmet meal, REQUIEM™ Termite Bait is the ultimate treat for termites. Its enticing aroma and flavour causes termites to quickly swarm towards the bait station.
Not only is REQIEM irresistible to termites but also safe. That’s because it contains less than ¼ of a gram of an active ingredient. And that ingredient is less toxic than table salt! So there’s no risk of harm to your family, pets and other wildlife.

Of course, the bait is stored in a secure compartment that only termites can reach anyway.
Whatever time of the year, REQUIEM is suitable for use in all climates. That’s because the bait comes in the form of a powdered formula. Whether for internal or external use, it can be mixed into a moist (for hot and dry summer months) or dry consistency (for cold damp winters).

With this level of flexibility your termite treatment will last for longer regardless of the weather.

Authorised Exterra Operators

All authorised Exterra Operators go through an in-depth training program and get ongoing professional support as part of the Exterra Quality Care program. By choosing an authorised operator rest assured your baiting station will be correctly installed and comply with industry standards.

Each baiting station is barcoded so they can be independently tracked and monitored by your pest expert. You can expect regular visits from your operator too. They will monitor the treatment and refill the baiting station when needed to give you peace of mind – with minimal fuss to your home and business.

Best of all? The service you receive from an Authorized Exterra Operator will be covered by a warranty. So if you’re not completely satisfied with the results, they will return to resolve the issue at no extra cost to you.

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